All Airstep Double Bond underlays should be installed in accordance with best industry practices and relevant Australian and New Zealand standards.
Airstep underlays should only be laid on clean, dry flat surfaces using pressure sensitive adhesive. Priming of concrete floors is highly recommended.

Sub Floor Preparation

Prime Floor.
Seal or prime the prepared subfloor with a suitable product sourced from the selected adhesive manufacturer’s product range to form part of the Double Bond system.

Airstep Commercial Underlays – Conditioning For Installation

Remove your Airstep underlay from polyethylene protective bag and unroll with the polypropylene underside scrim to the floor.
NB Underlay shall run at a 90º angle to the direction of the proposed carpet. No width or length abutments of the underlay should be positioned less than 300 mm from any seam in the carpet.
After conditioning the Airstep underlay for the period of time set down in AS2455.1:1995 Textile floor coverings – Installation practice Part 1: General. The underlay shall be folded back to allow the pressure sensitive adhesive to be trowelled on the primed surface allowing for the adhesive to tack off before repositioning the underlay into its required location.
The adhesive shall be as specified by the nominated adhesive supplier and applied in the manner, and using the recommended notched trowel requirement stated in the instructions from the supplier. After reasonable time, roll with appropriate roller in an ‘all directions action’.

Laying The Carpet – Double Bond Installation

The carpet should be moved from the protective packaging and rolled out over installed Airstep underlay to condition for the period nominated by the carpet supplier.
Position the carpet over the underlay ensuring that all pattern and style features are true and straight in all directions. Use a knee kicker to assist aligning, ensuring that the pins are sharp and adjusted, to avoid damage to the carpet surface pile.
Carefully fold back carpet and trowel carpet adhesive onto the upper surface of the Airstep underlay. Leave approximately 50mm each side of the centre of the seam or cross join locations to be coated with seam bonding adhesive. Position one width of the carpet into the trowelled adhesive and apply a 3.0mm to 5.0mm diameter bead of seam bonding adhesive at the base of the pile of the positioned width before locating the adjacent width of carpet. Ensure that the seams are close fitting to a point where they are peaking slightly.
After a period of approximately forty five (45) minutes or as may be required by the prevailing atmospheric conditions in the space, roll the laminated products with the appropriate roller to achieve a flat, even carpet surface.
Remove any deposits of adhesive and seam bonding adhesive with a clean cloth, as per adhesive manufacturer’s recommendation. Brush all seams and cross joins with a stiff brush to release any caught down pile or sprouting primary backing material, before napping with appropriate tool.