General Recommendations For Laying Carpet And Other Materials On Airstep Underlays

  • All carpets and other materials should be conditioned to site ambient temperature before installation, as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • All carpets which are conventionally installed using gripper strips (stretch-in), should be power-stretched to obtain the correct tension, as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Airstep Australia Pty Ltd recommend the use of either heat bond carpet seam tape or seam sealing adhesive (non-compliance may affect manufacturer’s warranties) when joining carpets.

With all carpet installations, it is important to follow all manufacturers’ recommendations regarding installation of their products. Airstep Australia Pty Ltd guarantee all Airstep underlays for the Life of the Carpet and/or any material laid upon it. With all double bond installations, Airstep Australia Pty Ltd recommend using architectural gripper. This will allow some tension to be applied to the carpet and allow for the carpet to be finished off over the gripper for a more professional result, ensuring client approval.